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Jack Keroac -on the road-

Februar 24, 2010
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Its a undeniable fact that road tripping comes with a cloud of myths and legends. I think everybody who has travelled around in whatever kind of vehicle for a certain amount of time is able to comment on that in the one or the other way. The spirit and the mood one can feel when travelling around is caught in Kerouacs book „On the Road“.

Young Sal Paradise, an upcoming author, tells not just one story about road trips, the famous Dean Moriarty and the whole flock of friends all over the continent of North America.
It all starts when Sal decides one summer to visit Dean, who he met a few years earlier, in Denver. So to make a long talk short: he packed his stuff, got on a bus and there he went.
From that time on Sal is continuously travelling the continent, exploring the country and his own mind.
But what’s the interesting bit of it now?? It’s that road trips never go the straight way down, especially not if your only plan is the possible goal of the journey. Anyway, that is what makes the core of all that travelling: A minimum of planning and the spirit of the Momentum. In other words the journey is the goal!
Exactly that kind of spirit can be found in Kerouacs story with journeys from East to West, West to East and so on. If there is a bigger picture he wants to show, it is that the moment, people and circumstances count. From my point of view every small story in this book (and in life in general) forms peoples mind and experiences. So according to that its a book which shows us how we form our personality by learning from each and every story in our lives which is always shaped by people and circumstances.

From the writing-style-point-of-view its just a pleasure to read. Kerouac found a clear and easy way of letting people talk and act so that the impression of every character seems quite natural and authentic. The characters are dreaming, travelling and they are mostly over optimistic, which portrays them as natural young people can be during their way of growing up…!
So all in all it can be stated a straight-away-book with simple, but not plain stories which is fun to read and think about. That’s definitely book one should read (independent to the readers age =) )!

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