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the first one

November 7, 2008

I have just decided to write the posts refering to books I read in the language they are in. So English for English books and German for German books cause they are the two languages I`m able to read at the moment. =) I will try to give my best in terms of orthography and grammar.

The book I`ve just finished is Ted Nealons „Tales from the Dail Bar“, which was the farewell present by a good friend of mine in Ireland named Sarah. (The Dail Bar is the „Pub“ in the Building of Dail Eireann)

According to the spine of the book it tells funny short stories of Irish political life and its important figures, such as Eamon de Valera or John A. Costello. The people are well known, but there are two problems coming up if you want to understand the stories or laugh about them. First of all you need to know a good bit of Irish politics and its people and second you have to be at least some forty-odd years old, because most of them are set in the years before 1980. As you might guess it wasn`t a pleasure for me as a foreigner with only basic knowledge of Irish politics to read this book. For  most of the time it was just boring and I wasn`t able to laugh about any of the stories.

Resultant to this impression I can`t suggest this book to any non-Irish reader unless he or she has a good knowledge of the subject. Anyhow the book is written in an simple and understandable English.

By the way: It its no wonder the Nealon was able to write a book with that kind of backround information and anecdotes, because he was not only a journalist for the Irish Press and RTE but he was also a politician himself for long years.


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